July 2019

Customer Engagement

Collaborative approach to learning.

Keep new and existing students and parents engaged, increase your brand awareness, save time and money!

Schools and Colleges can benefit greatly from having a mobile app. A mobile app for your school, college or university is a powerful tool that provides a simple yet effective way to engage new and existing students, parents and guardians.



“The ideal APP for schools and colleges, with unique features to increase brand awareness and powerful tool for sharing information”

One of the key features of the school app we create is the information portal . This feature offers self- service portals for students, parents and teachers which allows real time access to school and educational information. The parent portal feature include student information and resources on academic information, homework, assessments and published reports. Parents and guardians are able to securely access the portal to view the required information for their wards and children.

In addition to the parent portal,  we have capability to create a student portal. This feature allows students to have access to resources such as induction packs, student handbook and progression plans which can be accessed from their mobile phones. It is also possible to create a teacher’s portal for schools. This feature enables teachers to view, post and edit resources including homework, key calendar events and class announcements.

At the TheAppBooth, the mobile apps we create for schools are unique and will help increase your school’s brand awareness, enable real time sharing of information while saving you time and money.

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