March 2017


Apple iPhone Apps.

We build a wide range of Apps for smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, Android and Blackberry handsets.

The App Booth is in the business of building quality, affordable and very functional mobile apps. Setting up a company that helps businesses to provide a fun and productive mobile experience around their brand through mobile apps started out as a conversation I had 2 years ago when the concept of businesses having an app was starting to catch fire!

“By 2015, it was clear that a gap existed in the market for small and medium enterprises in having their own mobile apps, due to not knowing the best way or approach them or having the access to app build providers.”

At TheAppBooth, our aim is to help you grow and expand your business through mobile app technology. This first editorial is to introduce our company, and then we will expand the blog content to explore the benefit and features of mobile apps and the significant impact for digital and mobile marketing.

Looking forward to engaging you all!

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