May 2017

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement.

Keep your customers engaged with promotions and offers via phone messaging.

Push notification is a key mobile app feature that enables messages to be broadcast directly to app users. It is a very useful tool that can help drive engagement with your customers and is also very practical for retaining current clients.

“Push notifications can be used to send messages such as special offers, discounts and promotions, events and even reminders.”

The use of push notifications for offers ensures your customers are regularly kept up-to-date up on ongoing activities within your company.

Push notifications also come with advanced features, such as Targeting, Scheduling and Geo-Fencing. As an example, if you are planning an event, you can use Scheduling Push Notification to send out messages offering ‘early bird ‘ discounts as well as reminders of the venue, date and time of the event.

Push notifications are an extremely useful mobile app feature, but it is important to ensure that the messages broadcasted are specific and relevant to your customers, in order to achieve a high engagement rate.

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