Oct 2020

Restaurant and Takeaways

Food Service Apps

Orders made through food delivery apps is on the rise as customers seek to diversify their home dining due to lockdown and social distancing regulations.

The continuous rise of orders made through food delivery apps is testament to the importance of apps for the food service industry. The food service industry is extremely competitive and as such a mobile app can offer restaurants and takeaways the benefits of boosting their brand, increase returning customers, increase brand loyalty and sales.

At TheAppBooth, our restaurants and takeaways mobile app have best-in-class features that allows easy menu creation, multiple payment gateway options for customers to pay for food orders, online coupons to incentivise repeat customers, reservations and management of inventory and orders. Our app comes with a delivery feature which allows restaurant owners or their designated administrative personnel assign orders for delivery.

“Our restaurant app feature comes with a food court where you can add a single or multiple restaurants at different locations. Our food order management system allows you to manage all orders and inventories on a real time dashboard!”

There is seamless connectivity from when the app users orders food, the receipt of the order by the restaurant and receipt of the notification for delivery. The end to end process is conducted using the app, it is fully automated and paperless.

The users of the app are able to conveniently order food, pay directly for food orders in the app and track the status of the delivery in real time.

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