May 2018

Geo Location

Geo – location on mobile apps is the automated process for the determination of geographical positioning of and is a useful functionality for all businesses and services. Any business can use this functionality to show users and customers the points of service nearest their position as well as help users to track the status and delivery of their orders.

This feature allows you to build meaningful relationships with your customers and enables you send the right messages at the right location.

“The retail and ecommerce industry can benefit significantly from this to track location of their customers and offer better and improved services.”

The ongoing trend for location based services and geo-location feature in mobile apps has further revealed the new doors that can be opened by this functionality for both new and existing businesses. Souq.com (an e-commerce powerhouse in the Middle East) is an example of a company that used geo-location functionality in their mobile app for faster and accurate goods delivery.

At TheAppBooth, we have created several mobile apps with integrated geo-location features and can do the same for your business to help you avail the benefit of this functionality for both you and your customers.

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