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QR Code

QR Codes can be made in a number of styles, designs and colours

QR codes are quick response codes that can be read with devices dedicated to QR reading as well as smartphones. QR codes give instant and easy access to mobile apps in the app stores. At TheAppBooth, we create QR codes for your mobile app, once it is published.

The QR code can be put on the homepage of your website, blogs and email signatures to promote your mobile app. It is important to ensure that the QR code is clearly visible, whether you have a physical or online store.

“They are useful for promotional campaigns and can be included on all marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, posters and leaflets. Basically anywhere you can reach current or potential customers!”

QR codes can also enhance the social media campaign for your business, as the QR code can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and anywhere else your business has a social presence.

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Will Your Customers Really Use An App?

2nd July 2021 APPs Customer Engagement Technology Marketing Business   Customer service can truly determine the success of your business. Gaining your customers’ trust, making their lives easier and providing excellent service are vital qualities to any...

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Three Features Your Restaurant App Needs

23rd June 2021 APPs Customer Engagement Technology Business Marketing Restaurant and Takeaways Investing in an app for your restaurant is a no-brainer. Between 2015 and 2020, customers who order through online food apps has increased from 11% to 39% - that is...

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Website Or App? What Does My Small Business Need?

21st June 2021 APPs Customer Engagement Technology Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, whereas 46% comes from desktop devices. We are officially in the era of smartphones. Even our grandparents seem to have the latest iPhone or take family photos with...

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Create An App For Your Optical Practice

17th June 2021 APPs Customer Engagement Technology A customised app can transform your customers’ experience and attract more potential clients to your optical practice. Are you looking to provide a more efficient and exceptional service to your customers? A...

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Top Five Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs A Mobile App.

29th March 2021 APPs Customer Engagement Technology Dental Mobile Apps   A mobile dental app can have many advantages for your business, for example, increasing your online presence and digital marketing abilities. Most people wake up in the morning and...

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Payment Apps – Make Payments Anywhere In The World!

18th November 2020 APPs Payment Apps Technology Payment Apps Transfer money anywhere in the world Payment Apps and payment gateways are now very popular with contactless payments becoming the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A payment app enables contactless payment...

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Why Your Clinic Needs A Mobile App

3rd September 2019 APPs Customer Engagement Technology Clinics and Healthcare Clinics and healthcare providers can benefit greatly from a mobile app solution The healthcare sector, a significant part of the world economy is poised for an unprecedented growth due to...

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Why Your School Needs A Mobile App

8th July 2019 Customer Engagement Marketing Collaborative approach to learning. Keep new and existing students and parents engaged, increase your brand awareness, save time and money! Schools and Colleges can benefit greatly from having a mobile app. A mobile app for...

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

20th May 2018 Business GDPR Customer Engagement. As part of GDPR, all companies have to review how they manage all personal data from customer email addresses to employee bank details and ensure they are GDPR ready. GDPR is one of the biggest changes to data privacy...

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