September 2017


APP Optimisation

The APP Booth specialise in helping our customers with their App Store Optimisation.

App Store Optimisation, ASO is the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the app world and crucial to mobile app marketing. Mobile apps will rank better in App stores if the app listing page is optimised.

“The optimisation strategy is a key pre-launch activity and needs to be done prior to publishing apps to the app stores.”

Regardless of how great your app might be, its success can be limited if key steps are not followed. An app store title is the name that appears on the app store listings for apps and is the first thing users will see when they search for your app. In order to achieve the required ASO, the ideal app store title should clearly reflect your brand, be simple, memorable, easy to spell and tell the user what your app does. At TheAppBooth we are experienced at ASO and promotion strategies for effective marketing of mobile apps.

For example, if your app name is already being used and is not unique to you, it will be harder for people to find you and this could lead to someone downloading the wrong app instead. It is therefore very important that before you commit to your app store title, spend some time researching what already exists, so you are not competing against potential competitors.

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